Gold Coast

Gold Coast sunset June2016.jpgGold Coast IMG_0042 ver2.jpgGold Coast 0771-c73.jpgIMG_0363.jpgIMG_0012 v2 col fb.jpgIMG_0024 fb.jpgGold Coast IMG_0029.jpgIMG_0472.jpgIMG_0166 fb.jpgGold Coast Sunset 0059.jpgIMG_0012 v2bn w fb.jpgIMG_0107 fb.jpgGold Coast Sunset 0071.jpgGold Coast Sunset IMG_0029.jpgIMG_0011-c78.jpgIMG_0464.jpgIMG_0147.jpgIMG_0096.jpgIMG_0063 fb.jpgIMG_0090 fb.jpgIMG_0017.jpgIMG_0120-c13.jpgIMG_0087.jpgIMG_0089.jpgUntitled_HDR2.jpgIMG_0105.jpgIMG_0107.jpgIMG_0182.jpgBallinacourty Pier 0760-c53.jpgBallinacourty Pier 0770-c62.jpgWyses Pier 0764-c1.jpgIMG_0452.jpgIMG_0463.jpgIMG_0474.jpgIMG_0475.jpgUntitled1.jpg

Photographs taken around the Gold Coast and Ballinacourty Pier over a number of years and across all seasons.  Ballinacourty Pier at Wyses Point was built in 1832 and the architect was Alex Dean. The Gold Coast is one of the best locations in Dungarvan for summer sunsets.