Photos taken on Friday 15th January. No selection required as all images will be provided to REDZ project.

Redz IMG_0366 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0458 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0407 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0356 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0368web.jpgREDZ IMG_0399 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0403 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0354 web-c93.jpgRedz IMG_0405 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0408 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0452web.jpgREDZ IMG_0412 b%26w web.jpgREDZ IMG_0412 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0413 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0421 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0435 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0440 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0443 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0447 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0454 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0456 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0469 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0472 web.jpgREDZ IMG_0476 web.jpg